Tips for Saving Money on Organic Food

Organic food is often more expensive than conventionally grown food, but it is worthwhile.  The benefits influence your health today and in a long-term.Here are some tips to save money in your next shopping, while keeping a nutritional diet:

Shop at farmers’ markets. There’s a weekly farmers’ market, where local farmers bring their wares to an open-air street market and sell fresh produce direct to you. Often you will find items for less than you’d pay in the grocery store or supermarket.

Buy in season. Fruits and vegetables are cheapest and freshest when they are in season. You can also find out when produce is delivered to your market. That way you know you’re buying the freshest food possible. Plan a menu based upon what is season and on sale.

Shop sales, when there are very good specials, buy a lot and then freeze or can it. Also, subscribe via newsletter to your favorite natural and organic food store to receive news about products, notified when new coupons are out and the weekly sales.

Join a food co-op, also called a cooperative grocery store. Co-ops offer lower prices to members, who pay an annual fee. If you can’t find an affordable co-op in your area, you could start your own co-op.

Join a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) farm, in which individuals and families join up to purchase in bulk receiving larger discounts, directly from a local farm.

Serve Meat as a Condiment. Serving meat in a pasta is less expensive than serving roast

Grow your own organic food, especially the most expensive ones.

Use Coupons on Non-Food Items. Even saving $5 each week by using coupons can start to add up over time.

Don’t try to do it all. Especially at first. Give yourself permission to make this a gradual process. Purchase the organic versions of the foods you eat the most and those that are highest in pesticides if conventionally grown.

There are no excuses to not buy organic food, you just have to set some priorities, it may be possible to purchase organic food and stay within your food budget.

Go Organic! Be Plain Greens!


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