Top 5 Organic Foods To Buy

The following post is based on the TLC’s post by Martha Barksdale “10 Foods You Should Buy Organic.” We thoughts this 5 foods are the most common in a grocery list, therefore we wanted to share the importance of why you should buy this foods organic.

1) Potatoes: growers tend to double spray pesticides on the vines these grow, therefore they get a double dose of poison.

potatoes russet_potatoes

2) Coffee: careful with your morning drink! A lot of coffee beans are produced in countries that don’t regulate the use of pesticides and fertilizers, therefore many of the beans contain harmful chemicals.


3) Eggs: may not contain as much as pesticides as other foods, but they sure have pesticides that may pass from the chicken to eggs.


4) Dairy Products: milk that is non organic may contain traces of pesticides. Besides milk, it is also important to consider products that contain non organic milk which can also be infected with small amount of pesticides.


5) Meat: avoid mad cow disease by choosing organic meat, you avoid eating meat that is infected by pesticides caused by growth hormones.


This is only a small portion of food that are better organic that regular. When going grocery shopping, keep in mind that it is always healthier to choose organic instead of non organic.


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