Genetically Modified Food

Greetings! Today I want to look into the subject of Genetically Modified Food. This is a subject until recently I really had no opinion about. Most Americans probably don’t know or care about this but not knowing can have a serious effect on your health.

Genetically-Modified-FoodSo what exactly is Genetically modified food? Well, it is exactly what it sounds like. Scientists alter genes and the life cycle of certain foods like corn and tomatoes in order to maximize profit. It is very beneficial for a farmer to grow crops in half the time and produce a better product. This is why in 1994 genetically modified food began selling to American consumers.

So after learning what genetically modified food or GMO are, do you care? Well you should. Many of the developed nations of the world have banned most GMO because the effects on humans have not been fully tested. Many scientists who work on GMO say it is not harmful but many others who are not profiting from GMO aren’t so sure. All I know is that if I had a choice to have an all-natural organic vegetable or a GMO, I would pick organic. I am very sure most others would follow. I bet those paid scientists would too.

gm20labelMost people don’t know it but there is a fight happening between the organic food industry and GMO’s. The organic side wants food to be as natural as possible without the use of genetic engineering or pesticides. Conventional foods, which use chemicals, have been stocking the shelves at stores for decades. The organic crowd wants genetically modified food to be labeled so all consumers can see exactly what they are eating. Unfortunately the law which would make this so has not passed mostly due to the overwhelming funds of GMO lobbyists. People who do want to change or end GMO’s are doing their best to get this done. One group called the Non GMO Project explains this much better than I can


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