Best Organic Food Brands

Hi All! This post will be focusing on the best and brightest stars in the organic food industries. The best organic food brands just don’t include the ones making the most money but ones that are influencing the organic food industry. It may be difficult to define the best industries without looking too much into sales but I will do my best to figure it out.

First lets look into some of the earlier brands, which help shape, the industry over the years.  Back in 2009, according to the top five favorites companies were:

EARTH’S BEST.  Give your baby the best with Earth’s Best Organic baby food. The company has led the organic baby food market for 25 years. Their products are made from organic ingredients grown without harmful pesticides. The company adds no salt, modified starches or refined sugars to their products and uses no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Earth’s Best does not use genetically engineered ingredients (GEI), either, so parents can rest assured that they are giving their babies healthy, natural and delicious food.


 2AMY’S KITCHEN. Rachel and Andy Berliner, who named the company after their daughter, started this family business in 1987. The company maintains strong relationships with local farmers, in fact, more than half the vegetables in their food items are grown within 200 miles of Amy’s “kitchen.” Amy’s organic offerings include frozen whole meals such as organic enchilada Verde and kids’ meals such as baked ziti, as well as salsas and pasta sauces, soups, burritos and even desserts.


GREEN & BLACK’S. Green & Black’s produces some of the world’s most decadent organic chocolate. The company remains true to its original values of ethical trading and organic products. Founders Jo Fairley and Craig Sams initiated an agreement with local farmers in Belize, where they get the cocoa beans for their signature Green & Black’s Maya gold chocolate. They pay a premium for their organic cocoa as well as an additional Fair Trade price. The company produces delectable organic chocolate in bars and bags, baking chocolate, hot chocolate and even ice cream. Who says you can’t indulge on an organic diet?


4365 EVERYDAY VALUE/WHOLE FOODS.  Whole Foods Markets strive to exceed their customers’ expectations and offer the highest quality natural and organic products available. Though organic products are often a bit pricier than their traditional counterparts, Whole Foods’ 365 Organic Everyday Value brand aims to bring organic products to the masses at incredible value. Whole Foods is certified by CCOF, an independent, USDA-accredited, third party certifier. CCOF’s Organic Certification Program ensures that the company abides by strict USDA guidelines for handling organic goods.


ORGANIC VALLEY. Organic Valley is a cooperative of 1,326 farm families who produce premium, market-certified organic food products. In addition to selling quality organic foods, the cooperative’s mission is to encourage a farming future that emphasizes ecological and economic sustainability. In 2008, Organic Valley received the Ecological Farming Association’s “Sustie Award” (short for “Steward of Sustainable Agriculture”), which honors those “who have demonstrated in word and action a long-term significant contribution to the well being of agriculture and the planet.”

These companies have had a major influence on the public’s awareness of organic foods. These great companies have paved the way for others to succeed. Only a few years ago organic markets were a very rare find. Now we see them everyday with markets like Whole Foods and Trader Joes.

Some other mainstream companies may surprise you with their role in the industry. Companies like Wal-Mart, Costco and Kroger have all been major players in the organic food industry. They are not the biggest providers in the business but they play a very important role. They bring organic food awareness to the masses, which help the industry grow into the future.

Other lesser-known companies are making their way onto the scene. Stew Leonard’s has sold organic foods for decades. Their organic produce section is a maze of wonderful food, which is not only a supermarket but also a destination for families to bring their kids for a fun time. This type of market that makes people look forward to shopping is a leap in the right direction for organic foods.

One other company that has been growing is Mrs. Greens Market. Over the last few years this organic food company have been opening stores in dozens of locations.  The reason why they are growing so fast is because they sell very high quality product for a price that wont make you cringe.

Most of the best brands in the organic industry are becoming household names. The best brands are changing the way America eats for the better. It is obvious that the country needs to change the diet of its people. The great part about these organic companies is that the people are changing their ways on their own. This means that the larger markets and smaller companies are providing something that the country wants.


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